Beat 112: Bass sampling!

I figured out how to make a bass sound from a single period of the sample, so I made an imitation of the beginning of the Erlend Oye song The Talk.

Beat 111: Wild on Bucharest

A few months ago I got obsessed with a remix of the Whitest Boys Alive song Golden Cage. I tried to make some of the synths, with limited success. I still don’t really know how to have the kick drum on every beat but still have a snare on 2 and 4 sound good. The explanations I’ve read about or heard make it sound like black magic.

Beat 110: Hitachi vs Radisson

I used to see both big glowing signs while driving south on 101 late at night, and I would imagine they were having some kind of love affair, or battle. But now Radisson seems to have either left, or turned out the lights.

Beat 109: Tastes like a brand new shirt

I started by trying to make the synth from the Junior Boys song Teach Me How to Fight. Then I lost my ambition to imitate other parts of the song and put some silly fast drums over it.

Beat 108: The Truest

Mufflepult is sorry.

If that version isn’t true enough for you, here’s a secret remix:

Beat 107: Little histories

Here I was playing around with drum beats using more subdivisions than the ones I usually make. I had the drums go a while without repeating, since there isn’t anything else going on, so I thought I would try to make it slightly more interesting. I also fooled around with the “beat repeater” plug in, which randomly cuts and repeats the drums, making some cool sounds.

Beat 106: Adamantium hair extensions

This week I spent way too long trying to make a groan-like synth noise. I felt like a real chump, what with the failure, then I finally e-mailed the guy who runs He wrote back right away with just the thing I needed. The groan doesn’t really have anything to do with this particular beat, but I felt like I had to have something to show for my efforts, so I stuck it at the beginning.

While struggling with the synth, I learned a bunch of unrelated things, including how to make glitch basslines, from this awesome tutorial by Tom Cosm. If you jump to about 26 minutes in, you can hear the sweet thing he ends up with. For this beat, I just followed the directions he gave in the tutorial. It took a while to fiddle with things on a note by note basis, but I like the way it came out. Tom Cosm’s website has lots of other cool things that I hope to learn from.

Beat 105: Lo-ove

This is my attempt to remake this daft punk song. It sounds pretty close to the real thing, and I managed to include all the parts (I found a vocoder plug-in for the singing!), but I had trouble getting the guitar right.

Beat 104: Happiness, Again

This is another attempt at imitating a Foreign Exchange song I really like. It still came out a thousand times less good than the original, but I learned a lot while trying to make it. The snare drum and kick drum are both made basically from scratch, which is something I haven’t done much before. I recorded the bass guitar and tried to get it to sound like the original, and it came out ok, but it sounds very out of tune on small speakers. What is that about?

Beat 103: Salve

This is more of a sketch than a thing to listen to, since I was pressed for time. I figured out how to record in multiple instruments at once, so the main thing about this one is that I was able to record the regular organ and organ bass parts at the same time, on two different keyboards.

Late last night, I went back and added a part: