Beat 123: Gills

I tried something new with this one. I put the piano part on loop, then I just hit around on the desk, trying to make sounds I liked, arranged in parts that did something. I recorded that and later went back to find electronic drums that resembled the live sounds. It seemed like a good way of separating the creative part of the task from the technical part- I think I have a hard time when the two are closely intertwined.

Sorry to make it such a tease partway through- it’s not really supposed to be like that, but that’s as far as I got, plus… I was hoping you could help. If you want to be MUFFLEPULT SOCIETY MEMBER, FIRST CLASS, please send me some recorded rendition of what you think should happen next. The idea is, this would be super lo-fi, either with you banging on things or just making the sounds with your mouth. Any size of idea is welcome, from a single sound to a whole elaborate build-up.

Incidentally, I’ve always thought it was kind of messed up that when they were having the contest to pick the new M&M color, they never made it clear that light brown was getting the axe. If you are like me, you had your last light brown M&M more than 15 years ago, and you didn’t even realize it.

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