Beat 116: Last to leave

It’s dawning on me that I should start trying to take things that I make a bit farther, rather than just trying to make a lot of little things. There’s still plenty to be improved with this beat, but I enjoyed trying to fill it out more than usual.

This has me thinking about a big question- to what degree is a “beat” by itself a legitimate musical experience? Legitmate meaning, I guess, enjoyable for some people to listen to. Does there need to be something else going on, like sung words, or rappers rapping, or is it ok to just have some instrumental snippets woven together? There are plenty of things in that last category that people like, but the good ones seem to be very complex and brilliantly put together. So I might have to change my game-plan. Drop me a line if you think of something that rhymes with Kardashian.

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  1. DK

    Hey Alright!

    Dr. Dre makes something like this when he renounces America and moves to Segovia.

    How about, “Smash Ian”?

    February 20th, 2010

  2. ZNo

    My mind I’m masterin;classier than those nasty men thats smashin them Kardashians; I have to win and master my environment
    Blastin sin; more than half my kin get trapped within disaster’s den; them pass the chin-check requirement

    June 28th, 2010

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