Beat 115: Young in a park

I started with the little guitar loop, trying to mess with it to make it sound like some of the amazing things by bibio. I kept adding real instruments, figuring the live recording would be sloppier and more time consuming, but ultimately sound nicer.

On the geekier side, I tried to follow some of the small “rules” I made for myself after going back and listening to the first 100 beats. Besides wanting the individual sounds to be interesting, I threw in things that changed throughout the song (the flute is more or less recorded from start to finish, rather than as a loop), to give it more of an arc from beginning to end. I also fooled around with something I got into a bit way back with beat 9, which is to space out while listening to something complex until I start misconstruing incidental things as parts, sort of like an optical illusion. Then I try to add those sounds in. It’s pretty subtle, and not necessarily that cool (though I think it could be!), but if you want to hear it in this song: the high pitched electric piano that plays two notes back and forth a few times at 0:03 is based on a similar sound coming from the guitar strings right before that, maybe from the part of the string between where I was pressing and the tuning thingys.

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  1. ZNo

    Oh my … this beat inspired … do I ever have a verse for you to hear … perhaps the sickest I have ever written which puts it high in the running for … well you want to hear this, trust me … this beat is quite nice, by the way

    June 30th, 2010

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