Beat 9: Cordyceps Militaris

I was drawing a blank on where to start, so I thought I would try playing around
with synth strings. I ended up just holding out one chord, and then it seemed to
suggest a beat. It seems to be influenced by the types of sounds and the level
of detail (i.e. having certain sounds only happen once every two or four bars)
in the beat from two days ago. I used some tabla samples, along with shaker, a
subby kick drum, a hi-hat part with an open-and-closed sound, a snare which
combined a cow-belly attack with an electronic drum hissy trail, and some
tapping on my desk. The hi-hat sounds are just my voice recorded into the
computer mic, EQed to take out everything but the highest frequencies to make it
less human sounding.

When I played it over my laptop speakers, there seemed to be a sound like a berimbau there, so I added a very soft version of what I was hearing. It comes in very faintly about two-thirds of the way through, and it is probably not even audible unless you were the chump who put it there.

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  1. Mama

    strange and interesting but I don’t know what many of the things described in the written part are: subby kick drum, cow-belly attack, EQed —

    September 12th, 2008

  2. Mufflepult

    Thanks for asking, Mama.
    “Subby” refers to the fack that the kick drum has a lot of really low frequencies and very few high ones. It makes it sound pretty cool over headphones or good speakers, but the downside is it isn’t very audible over little speakers. “Cow-belly attack” just means the first part of the snare drum sound (the thing that comes on beats 2 and 4, counting slowly, once the beat gets going) sounds like a cow-bell. EQed refers to the equalization of high and low frequencies- I took the low and middle frequencies out of the part I did with my mouth to make it less human sounding.

    September 12th, 2008

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