Beat 7: He sold scrolls

I decided to go for another cover. This one is the beat from the Madvillain song
Accordion, one of my favorites. It’s missing the title instrument, so it’s not
very recognizeable, but I’m pretty pleased with how close I got to the original
drum sounds. Here are the sounds involved, sort of like a Where’s Waldo: a
hi-hat, an occasional shaker, a high electronic snare, some tapping, a clock
ticking, and a bassdrum, slowed down to half speed to make it super low. It
might be fun to try hearing these things in the original song ( is
pretty rad for this sort of thing), and I’m curious if other people hear the
same things. It’s hard to tell how close I got with so much sound missing- I
wish I knew someone who could play the accordion.

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