Beat 64: That’ll be 60 bucks

First, a recap: Dr. Roommate and I got real into a T-pain video the other day, and I made a small autotune spoof.

Since then, a few important things have come to light. First and foremost, as an astute reader pointed out on the earlier post, there exists an even more awesome video by T-pain, called Chopped n Skrewed. My in-the-know friend Oko gave me the low-down: Chopped and Screwed is a Houston based hip-hop sub-genre that involves cutting songs up, slowing them down, and you know, chopping and screwing them. It’s like Hyphy but not as terrible. T-Pain’s song seems to simultaneously bring the C&S movement to the national stage, perfect it, and kill it, all in one sweet 60 bpm jam. The content of the first two verses is great.

Oko pointed out that T-pain seems to think the problems he’s describing are totally universal. Perhaps they are… have you ever been offically chopped n skrewed? Discuss.

On the technical side, most of my effort with this one went into trying to approximate the breathy synth with my new stuff. In the full version, the eight layers of thick T-painful auto-tune obscure most of what’s going on, but the beat is actually really cool- check out the instrumental to see what I was trying to copy. The notes were also tough to figure out on this one, but it helped that most of the things he’s doing are straight off of the Secret Gospel Keys DVD that Dr. Roommate bought. There was one part I couldn’t quite make sound right. If any keyboard-inclined readers want to help me out, it’s the descending chords 53 seconds into the beat.

I realize this has a lot of links, which makes me start to lose credibility. But if you want one more: some teenager made a T-pain parody which puts all others to shame.

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  1. Grit Piece

    Yo that T-Pizzle vid is the hottest thang I seen in a minute.
    And f’reals, who hasn’t gotten they pocket thieved in da strip club?
    That hongry teenage boi at 3:10 in the uther vid sho nuff got his eat on.

    December 7th, 2008