Beat 57: Motomarines

Dr. Roommate and I were lonely on saturday night, so we ended up rediscovering our Comcast On Demand channel. Most shows are free. In addition to the amazing experience of starting to watch House of 1000 corpses, only to see a preview for Midnight Meat Train, and realize we could just go back to the menu and switch to watching Midnight Meat Train, which turned out to be amazing in its own right, we also saw an amazing T-Pain video called Can’t Believe It. Check it out.

Some musician-types are annoyed at T-Pain’s astounding success because he has based his entire career on Auto-tune, some fancy processing which locks your singing into exact pitches and makes you sound like an awesome robot. But after watching that video, I’m convinced he’s a genius, who spends his time thinking of the most awfulsome lyrics and videos while his peers waste their time learning to sing and doing ab-work.

So today’s beat is a little tribute, using GarageBand’s sort-of auto-tune. I’m not a great singer, so it still took me a few tries to get it close enough that the computer knew what I wanted to sing, but… it’s still cool to morph into a cyborg with a razor-sharp ear. Props to Dominic from Portland for opening to my eyes to the benefits of including a triangle, and to Jefferson for helping me use song-flute synth with no shame.

Back to the important stuff… did you watch that video yet? What’s up with those dudes who are hiding in the ski-lodge? And that bear? Fuego? Let’s talk about youuuu! How crazy does Lil Wayne’s voice sound? These are all things that I want to hear discussed, but as you will notice if you follow the video link, the 17000 comments fall short of the depth I seek. So please, analyze away.

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  1. dong julio cortez

    wait it minute – that’s T-Pain? I thought he was… Is he the same person as lil wayne?

    then who’s akon???

    i think i need to forget i ever saw this video. my tenous grasp on modern day RnB/Rap has just crumbled.

    November 18th, 2008

  2. Linnakinnsx

    lovee this videooo .
    omqoshh do lil waynee
    look qood. buhh next
    timee she shouldd pickk
    a shorter qirl cuhh
    yu can obivously tell
    he madd short at 3:10 .
    buhh istill love himm
    its all qood . lol

    November 18th, 2008

  3. Poisoned Data

    They’re familiars. These men are magicians or possessed by sorcerer imps.

    November 18th, 2008

  4. Dick

    I am impressed by your musical range. The visual of making love on the back of a motomarine conjures up some long-dormant memories. Thank you.

    November 18th, 2008

  5. Higgins Brown

    No, see Li’l Wayne and T-Pain are looking more similar than that Akon with he and his bald head.
    This beat right here make me want to shake it all out.

    November 19th, 2008

  6. Man this song is pretty good, but i think “chopped & screwed” is way better both from a visual and audio perspective.

    The title too, man… even though it’s all a gimmick it’s rad.

    Why do they like making the kicks sound like cardboard boxes though?

    November 22nd, 2008

  7. my bad, it’s called chopped _N_ screwed, not &.

    The kicks remain cardboardy though.

    November 22nd, 2008

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