Beat 55: Como cohetes

Today I was trying out my new computer’s synth brass, so I thought I would mock up some mexican hip-hop that I brought back from Oaxaca. Here is the original song, but you should probably skip it if you are offended by either objectification of women or cock-fighting, or women dressed up as roosters, fighting. If you want to learn a little spanish, feria means cash, and güey (wey) means dude, with some vulgarity. The first verse includes the following: “empezar hacer feria en manera de un rey, un juego muy avanzado, para un güey!”

The synth brass I used isn’t as good as a bunch of mexican güeys, but it still came out sounding nice. Next hundred beats I’ll do the rap.

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  1. gmo

    puso los manos en sus dientes

    November 25th, 2008

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