Beat 4: Roam the strip for bones to pick

I decided some of the beats would be covers, where I would try to make a version
of a beat that I really liked, using my primitive skills and limited technology.
My benefactor Ian thought that this might be a good thing to portray aliens
doing- listening to barely-better-than-midi versions of human pop music. This
song is my embarrassment to the Souls of Mischief song ’93 till Infinity. The
beat has two bassdrums, one low one and one high up one that goes

pum-pum-pum . . . . . pum-pum-pum.

There’s one hi-hat sound on the off beats to the right, and
another doing a sort of continuous part to the left. I also added a bass, which
sounds ok, a synth part which I got way wrong, and a captivating synth

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