Beat 38: From Memphis, Tennessee

I know everyone is always going on about the hip-hop from 1993, but I think the summer of 2003 was like some sort of golden era aftershock, which included this song. When I showed the video to my boo, she raised the legitimate objection that all she saw was a bunch of ridiculous girls dancing around, but I’m into the video because it’s Justin and the Neptunes playing the song in a bar. I like it when Pharrell shouts and looks to one side.

I was surprised at how much percussion there was in this track. My one broken tambourine didn’t really do the trick, so I used a lot of fake sounds, but it made me want to take the big step of investing in a shaker. I was sad that I ran out of time before I got to add the kick drum and snare, but that’s just how it is in the beatblogosphere. (Dammit, spellcheck, how you gonna underline that?)

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  1. gmo

    nice woodblock

    October 22nd, 2008

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