Beat 30: Tell them I came

Today I didn’t sequence anything, I just put together samples that I liked. I started with a bunch of strings as a background texture, then I added a slowed-down and down-pitched drumbeat. I found a trombone sample and a trumpet sample that I liked, and I changed the pitch so they matched the strings. I realized there still wasn’t any bass, so I found a different sample with bass and piano which seemed to fill things out. Finally, I added some cymbal crashes, and one drum-fill playing with pitch-shifting and panning.

I’m pretty excited about doing more like this one. It sounds very much like DJ Cam’s album Underground Vibes. At first I felt like I was ripping off his sound too much, but I was thinking about it some more, and I determined that I love that album so much that I wish there were five other similar albums. If I have to make them myself, so be it!

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  1. gmo

    let’s open up a detective agency. we’ll pipe this in through the pa system so that our clients will feel confidence in our gritty exteriors and solid gold interiors.

    October 12th, 2008

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