Beat 29: Out of my plastic cups

I’m not sure if the covers will help me much, but it’s a consitently fun challenge, and I’m pretty happy with how this cover came out. The song is Happiness, by Foreign Exchange. In a world in which the infinitely-better original didn’t exist, my song would be totally sweet. The producer, Nicolay, is the best. He made this album with Phonte Coleman never having met face to face, while Phonte in the US and Nicolay was in the Netherlands. Maybe I should try to make a version of every song on the album, share them with Nicolay, and get him to take me on as an apprentice, or at least be creeped out. “I creeped out Nicolay!”

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  1. gmo

    the title moves me by mashing up an olde timey expression with beer pong imagery.

    October 12th, 2008

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