Beat 29: Out of my plastic cups

I’m not sure if the covers will help me much, but it’s a consitently fun challenge, and I’m pretty happy with how this cover came out. The song is Happiness, by Foreign Exchange. In a world in which the infinitely-better original didn’t exist, my song would be totally sweet. The producer, Nicolay, is the best. He made this album with Phonte Coleman never having met face to face, while Phonte in the US and Nicolay was in the Netherlands. Maybe I should try to make a version of every song on the album, share them with Nicolay, and get him to take me on as an apprentice, or at least be creeped out. “I creeped out Nicolay!”

Beat 18: Donate all the sandbox on my shelf?

Another cover, this time of a wonderful song called Sneakers and Thong by
a couple of french dudes called Octet. Even though the
bass sound is pretty similar to the saw guy I always use, it took me a while to
get something I liked, and the bassline took me a long time to figure out. I
sort of cheated with the drum sounds, since I was able to clip almost all of
them out of the original.

Beat 17: You’re all that I feel

This is a cover of the Bilal song Soul Sista. The song is amazing, and the video is pretty sex-seeped. I devoted most of my effort to trying to get the drum sounds right, then I spent a short amount of extra time putting the instruments in withGarageband. This explains the bass sounding pretty cheesy. At some point I should try recording bass parts live. Is the actual bass in the song backwards for part of the line, or is it just being faded in quickly with the volume knob?

Beat 7: He sold scrolls

I decided to go for another cover. This one is the beat from the Madvillain song
Accordion, one of my favorites. It’s missing the title instrument, so it’s not
very recognizeable, but I’m pretty pleased with how close I got to the original
drum sounds. Here are the sounds involved, sort of like a Where’s Waldo: a
hi-hat, an occasional shaker, a high electronic snare, some tapping, a clock
ticking, and a bassdrum, slowed down to half speed to make it super low. It
might be fun to try hearing these things in the original song ( is
pretty rad for this sort of thing), and I’m curious if other people hear the
same things. It’s hard to tell how close I got with so much sound missing- I
wish I knew someone who could play the accordion.

Beat 4: Roam the strip for bones to pick

I decided some of the beats would be covers, where I would try to make a version
of a beat that I really liked, using my primitive skills and limited technology.
My benefactor Ian thought that this might be a good thing to portray aliens
doing- listening to barely-better-than-midi versions of human pop music. This
song is my embarrassment to the Souls of Mischief song ’93 till Infinity. The
beat has two bassdrums, one low one and one high up one that goes

pum-pum-pum . . . . . pum-pum-pum.

There’s one hi-hat sound on the off beats to the right, and
another doing a sort of continuous part to the left. I also added a bass, which
sounds ok, a synth part which I got way wrong, and a captivating synth