Beat 131: Perseverance Loop

This was the final beat of the day, and it was all the idea of ZNo, the rapper from beat 128.

Beat 130: Gary’s Theme

Gary is a great guy, and a pretty successful one too. But in an alternate reality in which his life were composed of disappointment in repeating 5 second sections, this would be his jam. This was beat 4 of 5 in the day of many beats, and I was starting to get tired.

Beat 129: Party Cleanup Committee

This beat was probably imagined by the least productive member of the committee while everybody else did the work. This was beat 3 in the day of 5 beats, and the percussion is the main thing that’s fun about it. The rest of the beat could stand to be switched out.

Beat 128: Compounds

This is similar to beat 125, only with a bit more going on, and a HUMAN RAPPER, ZNo, who I met at a vodka factory! Believe it.

Here’s the instrumental version:

Beat 127: Tinted Glass

This was the first of the beats I made one day when I wanted to make as many as I could. It might have been better to work extensively on one beat, but that would have meant accountability and commitment.

Beat 126: New Year, Same Old Me

A sketch of a love song for 2011.

Beat 125: Purcell


Beat 124: Das Leben Des Umriss

A beat I made in the spirit of the minimalist techno collective Geistmauer. I got to fiddle around with knobs live partway through, which was a lot of fun.

Beat 123: Gills

I tried something new with this one. I put the piano part on loop, then I just hit around on the desk, trying to make sounds I liked, arranged in parts that did something. I recorded that and later went back to find electronic drums that resembled the live sounds. It seemed like a good way of separating the creative part of the task from the technical part- I think I have a hard time when the two are closely intertwined.

Sorry to make it such a tease partway through- it’s not really supposed to be like that, but that’s as far as I got, plus… I was hoping you could help. If you want to be MUFFLEPULT SOCIETY MEMBER, FIRST CLASS, please send me some recorded rendition of what you think should happen next. The idea is, this would be super lo-fi, either with you banging on things or just making the sounds with your mouth. Any size of idea is welcome, from a single sound to a whole elaborate build-up.

Incidentally, I’ve always thought it was kind of messed up that when they were having the contest to pick the new M&M color, they never made it clear that light brown was getting the axe. If you are like me, you had your last light brown M&M more than 15 years ago, and you didn’t even realize it.

Beat 122: Lobos

I was thinking of something discordant, with a real sounding drumbeat, but I didn’t get very far on either front. But I like listening to it, because it reminds me of the thing I am imagining in my head, which is very cool.